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Ronald Laberge

Co-founder of Tankmart International and its subsidiaries, he has been in the tank trailer industry since 1979 and has accumulated extensive knowledge. He provides support to the team of experts and is actively involved in all aspects of the business.

Pierre Dubois

Born in a family business that was operating a trucking company in the tank industry, he has been involved in the business of tank trailers from a young age. Throughout the years he has gained significant experience in many areas pertaining to regulations, repairs, maintenance, leasing and managing a team. His invaluable expertise is why he's currently on the board for transport Canada's B-620 regulations.

Camille Pettinato
Sales Director

A dynamic and thorough individual, he has the knowledge to assist you from coast to coast. His over 24 years of expertise in the industry makes him a vital source of information to clients and the team. One of his strength's is his ability to manage multiple projects within strict deadlines and adapting to client needs.

Kevin Brown
Account Manager

With over 26 years of experience in the industry, his knowledge of tank trailers has added significant value for clients and the company alike. He is an extremely reliable and a very professional business person. Being responsive and thorough are some of the qualities that people who have done business with him use to best describe him.

Mario Sosic
Account Manager

He has worked in the industry since 2001. A competitive sales professional, he is skilled in new business development and on-going growth of a client base. He has excellent communication and negotiation skills. A highly adaptive individual with a keen ability to learn quickly and yield positive results.

Sylvain Lavoie
Account Manager

Since he first started in the industry in 1994, he has built an extensive knowledge of tank trailers. From managing a fleet, to leasing and sales, he has a broad range of skills at his disposal. He is an accomplished professional that has the ability to establish rapport easily and put people "at ease".

Cory Brooker
Director, Service Remtec

His extensive knowledge on everything to do with service and modifications on tank trailers is a skill that he's been developing from a young age thanks to the help of his father who worked in the tank trailer field for many years. Aside from his aptitude for repairs and maintenance, he possesses the leadership and patience that make our repair facilities in Montreal, Anjou and Burlington first-class.

Normand Mayer
Parts Manager, Service Remtec

He is an accomplished individual that has been working in the industry since 1997 and has developed an in-depth knowledge of tank/truck parts. His skills in managing multiple projects and addressing client concerns provides support that is essential to clients and the team. He oversees and manages the logistics of our parts division that is one of our strengths in the industry.

Luc Champagne
Parts sales manager, Service Remtec

Since 1994, he's been passionately involved with truck/tank trailer parts. Knowing what questions to ask, listening carefully and summarizing the understanding of customer's comments are qualities that make him excel at what he does. His enthusiasm and work ethic are excellent examples of how Tankmart International has been able to build the reputation that is has today.

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