12141 - Bulk Chemical Tank Trailer

Tandem Axle
7000 US.G.

Unit: 12141 Make: Bulk Type: Chemical
Subcategory: Chemical Year: 2006 Model: Tandem Axle
Model: Tandem AxleModel: Tandem AxleCode: DOT-407
Code: DOT-407Code: DOT-407Capacity: 7000 US.G.
Capacity: 7000 US.G.Capacity: 7000 US.G.Material: 316 L Stainless Steel
Material: 316 L Stainless SteelMaterial: 316 L Stainless SteelCompartments: 1
Compartments: 1Compartments: 1Baffles: None
Baffles: NoneBaffles: NonePiping: 3" St/St to rear
Piping: 3" St/St to rearPiping: 3" St/St to rearVapour Recovery: None
Vapour Recovery: NoneVapour Recovery: NoneSuspension: Intraax Air Ride
Suspension: Intraax Air RideSuspension: Intraax Air RideLift Axle: None
Lift Axle: NoneLift Axle: NoneSpreads: 49"
Spreads: 49"Spreads: 49"Wheels/Material: Aluminium
Wheels/Material: AluminiumWheels/Material: AluminiumWheels/Size: 22.5
Wheels/Size: 22.5Wheels/Size: 22.5Wheels/Type: 10 Stud Hub Piloted
Wheels/Type: 10 Stud Hub PilotedWheels/Type: 10 Stud Hub PilotedBrakes: 50% - 75% good
Brakes: 50% - 75% goodBrakes: 50% - 75% goodA.B.S: Yes
A.B.S: YesA.B.S: YesTires: 11R22.5
Tires: 11R22.5Tires: 11R22.5Fenders: Aluminium
Fenders: AluminiumFenders: AluminiumHose Tubes: Two Hose tubes
Hose Tubes: Two Hose tubesHose Tubes: Two Hose tubesOverall Length: 42'
Overall Length: 42'Overall Length: 42'Insulation: Yes
Insulation: YesInsulation: YesJacket: Stainless B.A.
Jacket: Stainless B.A.Jacket: Stainless B.A.Barrel Design: Straight Round
Barrel Design: Straight RoundBarrel Design: Straight RoundMax. Temps: 250 Deg. F.
Max. Temps: 250 Deg. F.Max. Temps: 250 Deg. F.Design Pressure: 25 PSi
Design Pressure: 25 PSiDesign Pressure: 25 PSiTest pressure: 45 PSi
Test pressure: 45 PSiTest pressure: 45 PSiBottom Valves: 4" x 3" Betts
Bottom Valves: 4" x 3" BettsBottom Valves: 4" x 3" BettsHeat: Channel Type
Heat: Channel TypeHeat: Channel TypeIntransit heat: Yes
Intransit heat: Yes
Price: $
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