So light you’re in “The Cloud”

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Remtec and Tankmart International is proud to unveil “The Cloud”, the new light-weight RTAC B-train. When revenues depend on the weight you can transport its no surprise that most carriers want to maximize payloads by reducing the weight of trailers without comprising on quality and durability. This is what inspired Remtec and Tankmart International to work on a new version on the RTAC B-train with the focus on weight reduction. The significant weight savings are due to some of the key features of this new design:

  • Increased barrel size (63,000 liters)
  • Aluminum running gear frame and bumper on the pup trailer
  • Jost aluminum landing gear on lead
  • No landing gear on pup
  • No ladder
  • Replace hose tubes by hose troughs

 The new product offering designed by Remtec further reinforces their focus on innovation and client feedback. This new trailer is now part of the already strong product offering that Remtec and Tankmart International have on the market today. Our willingness to work closely with clients to adapt equipment to their needs is our greatest strength. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.