New Requirements for Milk Product Tank Trailers for Bulk Delivery and/or Farm Pick-up

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The Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ) encouraged milk carriers to take the necessary measures to ensure that new tanks manufactured, purchased and delivered as of October 1, 2016, will respond to the requirements of the 3-A standard and will comply with the regulations.  The MAPAQ has recently carried out a review of the requirements surrounding the transportation of milk products.  The P-29 Foods Act, Schedule 11.4.10 of the Food Regulations states that all tanks carrying dairy products must meet the 3-A Standard. Refer to the Quebec website for more information:,%20r.%201 (See article 11.4.10). The application of 3-A standards corresponds to higher requirements of international standards and trade agreements involved in the transport of these products.

About 3-A Sanitary Standards

The first standards for the hygienic design of equipment used in the dairy industry were introduced in the 1920s.  These standards became known as '3-A standards' for the three 'associations' or interest groups that cooperated to improve equipment design and sanitation - regulatory sanitarians, equipment fabricators, and processors.

Today, 3-A SSI is an independent corporation dedicated to education and the mission to promote food safety through hygienic equipment design in the rapidly changing food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. The membership consists of four associations: American Dairy Products Institute, International Dairy Foods Association, Food Processing Suppliers Association and the International Association for Food Protection. For more information consult their website:

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