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Tankmart International is a Quebec company founded in 1983 by Mr. Kavanagh and Mr. Laberge, two men with extensive experience in the use of tanker trailers for the bulk transportation industry. Today, the company has three subsidiaries, one in Burlington servicing the Ontario region. Tankmart supports the US market as well, and has become the undisputed leader of the Canadian tank industry.

Tankmart has been providing tanker parts, sales, leasing and long term rental solutions for the petroleum tanker industry since 1983 - over 37 years. We offer a large growing fleet of over 500 high quality tankers in various configurations including new and used Hot Product Tanker Trailers.

A hot product tank trailer is equipped to transport products such as

  1. Asphalt
  2. Products ranging between 200° and 500° degrees
  3. Insulated design prevents heat loss
  4. other non-dangerous hot goods

Hot Product tanker compliance

  1. We can help you meet the various compliance issues.
  2. This type of tank trailer is offered as a non-coded tank or TC-406/DOT-406 which makes it adaptable to your needs whether your transporting dangerous goods or hot products

Hot Product tanker configurations

  1. The barrel can be aluminum or steel with 1 or multiple compartments and comes with a wide range of capacity. Depending on your needs, you can have 2 or multiple axles as well as a B-train.

Tankmart provides a flexible approach to leasing, whether you are a fleet manager, new to the business or have had a long term operation. We support you in meeting your specific business requirements anywhere across Canada. Tankmart deals with Remtec, Tremcar, Polar Tank, Tankcon, Heil and other major tank trailer manufacturers. We buy in bulk to ensure we have the inventory you are looking for.

We can help in the sale and trade of your existing tankers or trailers and offer trailers to help you temporarly to fill the gap in your delivery schedule.

S505 Remtec Hot Product Tanker

S505 Remtec Hot Product Tanker, (2021)

Capacity: 48000 Lts

Used Hot Product Tanker Trailer

Hot Product Tanker Trailer, Code: TC-406 Convertible

Capacity: 49000 Lts

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