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Tankmart International Inc.

The leading company in the tank trailer industry
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Tankmart International is a Quebec company founded in 1983 by Mr. Kavanagh and Mr. Laberge, two men with extensive experience in the use of tanks for the bulk transportation industry. Today, the company has three subsidiaries and serves the whole Canadian market. It has become the undisputed leader of the Canadian tank industry. You can benefit in many ways from doing business with Tankmart International. Whether you buy a new or a used vehicle, you can count on first-rate after-sales service. All purchases come with technical assistance, parts, maintenance, and repair services. Very few companies offer as wide a range of services, all under the same roof, as we do. So, if you want to buy a new or used tank, lease one to haul or store your products, or get your tank repaired or tuned up, there's only one company to call ! Tankmart International.

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Our Subsidiaries

To improve customer service throughout the country, we have set up specialized subsidiaries in Quebec and Ontario.


Tankmart International has two subsidiaries in Quebec: Location Citernes Experts inc. and Service Remtec inc. Location Citernes Experts leases tanks that are specially designed for transporting petroleum, chemical and powder products. Weekly and monthly leases are available. For all your leasing needs in this area, contact Carl Desrosiers or Jonathan Laberge. They almost certainly have the tank that's right for you!

For maintenance and repairs, contact Citernes Experts or its subsidiary, Service Remtec inc. Our experts can handle all kinds of trailers and problems-repairs to pneumatic systems, welding vessels, refitting chassis frames and suspensions, repairing electric systems and making modifications to tanks. All of Service Remtec's and Citernes Experts' work meets CSA standard B620 and U.S. standard HM-183, along with R-Stamp certification.


In Ontario, Tankmart operates two companies: Tankmart International and Kargo Leasing Limited. They provide the same services as the Quebec subsidiaries. To buy a new or used tank contact Kevin Brown or Mario Sosic, to lease a vehicle, contact Asmir Selimovic.

Four companies with different names but the same high-quality service and excellent reputation. Need to be convinced? Visit our site, compare our prices, talk to our experts and then enjoy the peace of mind that only the staff at Tankmart International can provide.